5 Reasons to Ditch the DIY in Your Landscape

Your home's landscaping is one of the first things people notice when they see your house, whether it be a good or bad thing. The stereotypical dad takes pride in mowing his own lawn, and the stereotypical mom is always found tending to her garden; this is because many people believe that their yards are a reflection of themselves and their life. This is a big reason for why many people decide to do DIY landscaping projects, as they think that they should do the work themselves, and that way their landscaping will look exactly how they want it to look. That, and the fact that many people are under the assumption that hiring a professional landscaper will be too expensive for their project budget. What people don't tend to think about when it comes to their DIY is that landscaping projects are complicated, time-consuming, and so many things can go wrong if you are not properly trained to spot problems. Keep reading for a list of things that could go wrong in your DIY, and ways that hiring a professional landscaper can solve those problems.

Digging Deep: DIY

If you have plans in your landscaping project to break ground around your home or in your yard, there are many things that could go wrong. Firstly, equipment used to break ground is expensive, and breaking ground without proper equipment is virtually impossible. In addition to this, DIY breaking ground can lead to costly mistakes. Whether it be striking gas, water, or electricity systems, breaking into a cavity and causing a collapse, or not knowing city regulations about breaking ground, there is a risk of being fined or facing a setback in your project and budget. Hiring a landscaper to fix your problems will be a lot more costly than initially hiring a landscaper to complete the job.

Digging Deep: Professional Landscaper

Hiring a professional landscaper to break ground for your project will save you both time and money. They are qualified to determine where to break ground, and already have the correct equipment to do so. In addition, landscapers will save you from breaking the city's ground-breaking laws, as well as prevent the breaking of a water pipe or gas line, as they are capable of figuring out where in your yard those exist. In short, hiring a professional landscaper means that you know if your project is possible, and you won't risk breaking the law or your budget in the process.

Creating & Maintaining the Look: DIY

When most people DIY their landscape project, they know exactly what they want their landscape to look like, but don't know the work and cost that goes into creating and maintaining that look. Low-maintenance landscaping is desirable for those who don't wish to spend their days treating their yards and trees for fungus or diseases, but is very difficult to achieve without experience. Figuring out which plants would be low-maintenance in your yard would require soil testing, lots of research, and some trial and error. You may have a picture in your head of what you want your yard to look like, but without experience, have no way of finding out if that picture is possible without diving right into the project.

Creating & Maintaining the Look: Professional Landscaper

The benefits of hiring a professional landscaper to transform your landscape is that they have the knowledge and experience to tell you if your dream landscape is possible, and either create it for you if it is, or lead you to different ideas if it is not. This means that, if your dream landscape is possible or not, you know exactly what you are getting in to and exactly what it will turn out like. In addition to this, a professional landscaper can tell you the level of maintenance that your project requires in order to prepare you for the future, like how to care for specific plants or what to do if something goes wrong. Or, you can become a regular customer, and continue hiring that landscaper to maintain your landscape for you!

Planning & Timelines: DIY

The time that DIY-ers can schedule out to spend on big projects like landscaping varies from person to person, but most of the time these DIY-ers have full-time jobs and other things on their schedule than just this one project. This means that, despite their best efforts, their landscape is looking unappealing and unfinished for months on end. This also means that they only have the time to do so much at one moment. This leaves them with one out of four garden beds planted, or wooden pallets sitting in the garage waiting to be used. Some people might forget the plans they had for their garden, and begin to put things in one at a time. This can result in a messy looking yard, with mismatched colors, textures, materials, and placements that were not planned at the same time.

Planning & Timelines: Professional Landscaper

The full-time job of a professional landscaper is just that: a landscaper. By hiring a professional landscaper, you are ensuring that every step of your project will be done correctly, from the planning stage to the very last flower planted. A pro landscaper will provide you with designs for your project, and will work with you to ensure that those plans are possible and will turn out in a timely manner. What to you is a side DIY job, is what your landscaper does every day. This means that, what may take you months or years to complete, will be done in the quickest possible time frame. A pro landscaper won't leave pallets of wood sitting in your garage for months, and will ensure that everything goes according to the plan to create a coordinated and beautiful landscape in your yard.

Estimating Capabilities: DIY

Overestimating your DIY capabilities is a tricky thing, and can leave you with an unfinished or unappealing landscape. You may think that digging through Pinterest's DIY section and YouTube tutorials will be good enough, but when you find your retaining wall coming apart or your raised garden bed beginning to collapse, you will most likely think twice. Don't overestimate yourself--if you think you could find yourself with mismatched patterns of pavers, maybe skip the DIY patio and leave it to the pros.

Estimating Capabilities: Professional Landscaper

When hiring a professional landscaper, most of the time they will be capable of doing anything that you ask of them. If they are not, they will admit it, and either tell you that your project isn't possible, or reference you to someone who can complete your project. Pro landscapers do have the experience in the field and the knowledge of how your project works, and will most likely be able to try something new, and be successful in it. A pro landscaper will never overestimate themselves, and will be honest with you if they have the ability to complete your project.

Considering Your Surroundings: DIY

Oftentimes, DIY landscapers are so focused on their project that they forget to think about the implications of their landscaping. Considering the types of plants that you choose and the affect it will have on your ecosystem is one very important step in landscaping. For example, if you fail to do research on invasive v. native plants, you may plant invasive plants in your landscape. This means that your landscape will eventually be overgrown with these plants, turning your perfectly proportioned garden bed into a monoculture of a certain invasive plant. Planting too many plants and flowers that attract deer will leave you with a garden that is full of nibbled petals, and not planting enough native flowers will leave you with a garden that will not attract pollinators.

Considering Your Surroundings: Professional Landscaper

Local landscapers are the best in the business to consult about what types of flowers and plants you should use. Pro landscapers are knowledgeable about textures and colors of flowers, but also about what native plants you should plant for your garden wants and needs. Whether you want to see lots of birds in your garden, or keep deer out, a professional landscaper will be able to tell you which plants you should choose and where you should plant them.

Although there is something satisfying about DIY-ing around your home, your landscape is one place where you should leave it to the professionals. If you want a landscape that wow's your neighbors, push the idea of paving your own patio out of your mind, and instead call a local landscaper to help you with your dream project. You will still be large part in the design and exactly what goes into your landscape, but will be putting all of the dirty work into a pro's experienced hands.

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